The Taylor Panton Memorial Fund

Taylor was born Taylor Douglas Panton on the 15th of January 1996 at Bellshill Maternity. He was our first born. Although, to his great surprise and joy, he found out at the age of 13 that he was to become a big brother, a role in which he flourished.

He attended Grahamshill Nursery where he met children who were to remain his friends for all his life. This experience of quickly developing friendships continued throughout his later years.

He attended St. Edward's Primary School, where he excelled at Chess. His school life continued on at St. Margaret's High School where he was highly esteemed throughout the school. Academically Taylor thrived, gaining 6 Higher Qualifications and 1 Advanced Higher Qualification.

He concluded his academic career at Strathclyde University where he studied Finance and Economics. 

Although certainly academically gifted, Taylor's gifts reached far beyond education.

Out with school and work Taylor thrived on being in the company of his friends. He loved to socialise and attend music festivals.

Although the majority of Taylor's friends were of the same age, he had the ability to befriend both young and old. He had many regular customers at the local Morrisons where he worked, some even waiting specifically for Taylor to serve them.

From a young age Taylor loved the Harry Potter series and we would often joke that he knew more about Harry Potter than JK Rowling herself!

We could sum up Taylor in three words: Thoughtful, Determined and Profound.