24th September

With only a week remaining to the Ladies Lunch things are hectic to say the least...

We have been overwhelmed with the generous donations that we have received and there are so many wonderful prizes to be won!

Last week however we had the honour of being invited to Taylor's old high school to present The Taylor Panton Memorial Award for Friendship and Bravery.

One of Taylor's favourite teacher's presented the award and prior to the award being received he reminisced about the times he spent with Taylor. In order to tell everyone about Taylor he described him using the letters of his name

T- Tenacious

A- Ability

Y- Youthful

L- Loved

O- Outgoing

R- Remembered

Well done to David Douglas for winning the first award!

​25th June

Another busy week as we continue our fundraising efforts.

Along with reaching out to local businesses who have kindly provided more and more donations; I met with our local MP Neil Gray. Neil was very welcoming and receptive to our cause and has promised to do all he can to highlight the issue at a local and national level.

This week we have our children's disco and I will be sure to provide updates and photos from this event.

Wendy x

9th October

Today my wonderful friend Leeann did a bungee jump for The Taylor Panton Memorial Fund and has so far raised almost £1000! We cannot thank her enough for this act of extreme craziness. Taylor would have absolutely loved it!

The Taylor Panton Memorial Fund